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LeBron "King" James vs Damian "Dame Time" Lillard | OnePhyle Jersey Shirts

Three Initial Takeaways from Portland TrailBlazers vs Los Angeles Lakers:
  1. LeBron James isn't Magic Johnson
  2. This isn't the return of the showtime Lakers
  3. It's Dame Time
LeBron James baseball jersey shirt
Photo by  Jae C. Hong - Associated Press

So how can the Lakers get past Dame Time? 

LeBron James needs to be LeBron James

    Thats it. Easy enough. LeBron James is an incredible play maker. He is top ten all time in assists. But LeBron isn't Magic Johnson, LeBron is so much more than that.
    LeBron and the Lakers needs to define their own legacy within the Lakers organization. LeBron has the swag to make his own version of showtime. This Lakers team is great. But they aren't the showtime Lakers. And if the Lakers want to win this year the offense cant rely on other players to score off of a no-look LeBron pass.
    Easy enough right? Well, there is on more issue...
    Damian - Dame Time - Dame Dolla - Logo Lillard.
    Damian Lillard baseball jersey shirt
     Photo By Jaime Valdez - USA Today Sports
    Damian has taken the NBA bubble by storm. He is playing with the confidence of a league MVP - which calling it now is in his future. His shot is falling, his moves have swag, his jersey is dope, his range is limitless.
    Everything is going right for Damian Lillard. It's Dame time, that is unless LeBron James can roll back the clock. 

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