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3 Best Players in the 2020 NBA Playoffs | OnePhyle Jersey Shirts

The Bubble may have bust for some NBA players in Orlando - but after the performances they gave they came out with winnings more valuable than a Championship. Here are the best three players so far in the 2020 NBA playoffs. 

1) Damian Lillard 

Damian Lillard baseball jersey shirt

This is Damian Lillard's bubble and were just living in it. Every night Dame Doller casually made a shot from deeper and pushing the conversation for the need of a four point line. Shooting nearly 40% from the three this Damian Lillard was a walking bucket. The Blazers may be out of the 2020 NBA playoffs but Dame Time will continue. 

2) Luka Doncic 

Luke Doncic baseball jersey shirt

 Luka Doncic is the future of the NBA. Luka Doncic has shown he is a superstar and he is ready to take over the NBA sooner rather than later. Averaging over 30 points and basically a triple double Luka Doncic showed up in his first (and certainly not last) playoff appearance. 

3) Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum baseball jersey shirt

Every year Jayson Tatum gets better. And with the strong supporting cast he has in Boston, Jayson Tatum is looking like a true leader and developing super star. 

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