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3 Best Trade Destinations for Giannis | OnePhyle Jersey Shirts

After another disappointing early exit from the NBA playoffs Giannis's time in Milwaukee seems to be on a countdown clock. 

If the Bucks were to trade the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo where would he go? 

Well here are the 3 best trade destinations for Giannis, and his career. 


Portland Trail Blazers - 

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Damian Lillard and Giannis could become the Modern day Kobe and Shaq. This the the one-two punch that could knock out any team in the NBA. We've seen just how much Dame Time Damian Lillard and The Greek Freak Giannis can do alone, imagine them together. 

Golden State Warriors - 

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The Warriors may have lost Kevin Durant, but they now have the second pick in the draft. The Warriors could easily leverage this and get their dominant team back in form. Plus, we all want to see more Steph to Giannis alley-oops. 

Houston Rockets - 

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 It seems like PJ Tucker just won't cut it as a teams starting center - despite a passionate effort. If the Houston Rockets could land Giannis they would have arguably the best "Big Three" of all time. James Harden, Westbrook, and Giannis could bring a dominant dynasty to H-Town. 


Wherever Giannis lands, even if it's to stay with the Bucks, his future is bright and he will excite NBA fans for years to come. 

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