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3 Best Paul George Trades for his Career | Phyle Jersey Shirts

3 Paul George Trade destinations that would be best for both Paul George's career and the NBA. 

Paul George trade

 1) Houston Rockets 

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This move would immediately give the Rockets arguably the best Big Three of all time. And Paul George and Russell Westbrook already have great chemistry together from their days in OKC together, and who can't play with James Harden. Paul George would fit right into their three heavy - small ball offense, and could even be their new "center". 

2) Phoenix Suns

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Young, athletic, and full of potential. After an impressive showing in the 2020 NBA Bubble the Suns have an exciting future and lots of eyes on them. Paul George teaming up with an on fire Devin Booker - who has established himself as a superstar - could be just what Paul George and the Suns need.  

3) Portland Trailblazers

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With Damian Lillard taking the league by storm, you know he has one thing on his mind - an NBA championship. Paul George could fit right into Portland's exciting offense. 

Where do you think Paul George will end up in 2021?

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